Clients’ response to Masterpeace Organizing!

Minimalist playroom, organized toys

I needed to unpack and organize my house after an extensive remodel. Carly showed up on time and worked tirelessly. She has a talent for organization and easily helped me find a spot for everything. She put things away in a way that made sense and also utilized the small spaces I had. After this experience I would absolutely recommend her to everyone I know!

 - J.A., Burien

My garage was a disaster of epic proportions! with five active kids in their teen years, the garage hadn’t actually had a car in it for years and years! Carly got all of the kids busy helping her to empty the garage, sort through what we had collected over 20 years, clean the space and organize and label everything!  When she was done, everything (that we decided to keep) had a home and we even had room to park our car! I wouldn’t have believed it, if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes! Carly worked her magic for us and we are very grateful! I can’t wait to turn her loose in the laundry room!


Tidy living room space

Cozy living room couch pillow home

my craft room/office were a total mess! I felt paralyzed by the piles of stuff that had nowhere to go! Carly moved in and, in a flash, cleared out the clutter and restored the peace and beauty of the room.  I can’t say enough about carly!

m.a., Kitsap County

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