Mission statement: Creating space for change, growth, and peace, to ensure our homes reflect our best selves and dearest dreams.

Our MO is to...

  1. prioritize honest communication and respect to establish relationships of trust 

  2. create spaces at the intersection of function and design  

  3. establish boundaries in our lives and belongings 

  4. create calm through beauty and order

  5. label, label, LABEL

  6. color-code and file-fold

Where you live and what you see around you are a reflection of who you are.
— House as a Mirror of Self by Clare Cooper-Marcus
Carly Tizzano | Owner and Organizer | Masterpeace Organizing | Kitsap County, WA

People ask me why I chose professional organizing as a career.  The simple answer is that it is what I have always loved.

When I was a little girl, I loved putting things in the places they belonged. While serving as a youth helper in the church nursery, I would dream about organizing the toys. I imagined sorting them and placing them into separate bins with similar toys (the stuffed animals just shouldn’t be mingling with the blocks!), putting them in cupboards according to their age appropriateness, and organizing the DVDs by genre and color. When I wasn’t cuddling babies and toddlers, I would spend time sorting and arranging, but invariably, when I returned the following Sunday, the room would be back the way it was before.

My love of beauty and order became a personal passion and I spent much time organizing my home and office spaces.  After reading The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo, I embraced her idea of creating a home for everything and began the process of organizing in a way that ensured that everything I loved would have a dedicated space in my home.

I graduated from Liberty University in July 2018 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business.  While preparing for life after college, I discovered professional organizing (thank you, Instagram!).  An idea began to take shape in my mind and I soon realized that I had found both my passion and my career.

Today, I work with clients to re-imagine their personal space as a nurturing haven; a sanctuary where they make the rules.  My goal is to help them to create a home or office that reflects their best self and dearest dreams.

My passion for organizing and my desire to help you love your space is the singular purpose of Masterpeace Organizing. Visit the Contact page to find out how we can help you!